Checker'd Past

Everywhere they play it's the same question.... "Where are you guys from?!" A simple answer. They bring greetings from the 80's.

If you were never there, welcome. If you were....welcome back. Step into the past! The 80's. Herky-jerky new wave, new romantics, sticky sweet synth-pop. Checker'd Past brings it to you in all it's glitery glory. All the one-hit wonders of MTV's golden age...Gary Newman, Madness, Thomas Dolby, Modern English, Haircut 100 plus Duran Duran, David Bowie, Devo, Men at Work...the list is pretty big, actually!

The 80's the way your remember it! All your favorites. You'll know every word and you'll sing along!

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Ryan N. Wood - (928) 581-7549 and Ardo Crye Jr. - (928) 581-6132