E.P. Expo

Honoring the King like never before!

Put away all pre-existing ideas of what a tribute to the King is all about. The E.P. EXPO is unlike any single day Elvis show you have ever had; and has quickly become the greatest Elvis tribute event in the world!

Drawing record crowds, the E.P. EXPO fills the weekend with plenty of shows, events and parties to keep everyone going. This unique multi-day event has it all! Events included: Multiple Elvis Tribute Artists showcases, meet and greets, Q/A with celebrity guests, world-wide tribute contest, vendors, after parties and a whole lot more.

  • Largest / most profitable Elvis Event in the US
  • Multi-Day events increase player involvement/casino attendance
  • Significant increase in hotel room nights and restaurant sales (Average room nights purchased by attendees – 140)
  • Vegas style productions of Elvis’s most memorable performances
  • Elvis fans from all over the world
  • Up to 30 Elvis Tribute Artists
  • Friends/band members of The King on hand to aid in marketing the event
  • The Flyin’ Elvi - world famous plane jumping spectacular from Las Vegas, NV
  • The Kings Treasure Exhibit - See some of the Kings personal belongings and prized possessions, from Jumpsuits to jewelry
  • EP Expo world-class 13 piece orchestra

Book E.P. Expo Today

Ryan N. Wood - (928) 581-7549 and Ardo Crye Jr. - (928) 581-6132